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Unplugged concerts

Unplugged: one voice, one guitar. This is a real experience... pure and without frills.

At the campfire, at your showcase, at your home or at your wedding, I perform with my guitar and sing however many songs you would like to make your event unforgettable.

Music & Poetry

A particularly moving evening in three languages (e, d, dialect). Interesting, touching and full of poetry are the short readings in German and dialect, which complement the concert program sung in English.


With my combination of music & poetry I create an atmosphere that moves you inside and gives you gifts in your heart. After the concert you feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes and exploring the sky with new energy.


Concerts in various formations. I offer these concert evenings with guest musicians. I choose them according to the occasion and need. From the popular formation in duo with cello to a complete band, everything is possible. In order to avoid scheduling conflicts among the musicians, an early inquiry and booking is necessary.

Album Pull down your mask
Studio album "Pull down your Mask" with guest musicians
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