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Living in a Box

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In January 2020 Chantal Hediger and I premiered our art performance project «Living in a Box» with great success after two years of preparation, conception and trial phase.

Our performance met with great approval at both venues. Countless touching feedbacks reach us even today. Therefore we decided to go on tour with our everyday performance«Living in a Box» Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this project has been postponed indefinitely.

We are happy when time opens up again for our box and we can perform around the box again.

Living in a Box – website with videos, photos and tourdates

audience voices:


«Living in a Box» is not simply consumption, but opens the door for personal confrontation with one's own box. I was automatically in my own world and the distance to my neighbor allowed enough space to experience it. The quiet, expressive and dynamic performances of Chantal and Syléna showed a cycle of a process as I know it best. The musical and vocal accompaniment was also very harmonious and touching for me. Had I not seen «Living in a Box» I would definitely have missed something!

Eduard Hirschi, Managing Director Books Sparrow Rapperswil

The unconventional setting of an «audience box» and the stage around it made me curious. I sat with other, total strangers in a relatively small space and yet when I watched the performance I was all to myself on this small chair. When I got involved in music and painting, the two artists made my thoughts fly with their inputs.


«Living in a Box» is a performance for the curious. For those who like not knowing what's going to happen. Maybe also for people who are not afraid of missing out on something and just want to get involved with what is there.


The wonderful music and the free and expressive painting play in the hands and in the heart.


Annette Burkhardt, cultural manager and actress

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