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Oltner Tagblatt | 20. Jan. 20 | Theatre review Living in a Box

«"It was very inspiring and encouraged us to look at things from a different perspective.»

Stadtanzeiger Olten | 09. Jan. 20 | art project Living in a Box

«Time for courageous decisions! "We have a thousand chances to take a chance every day ...»

Neue Oltner Zeitung | 02. Okt. 19 | Preview art project Living in a Box

During our performance we take the audience on a moving emotional journey.

Obersee Nachrichten | 08. Aug. 19 | Streetart

The man wishes for a song. And what happens during the performance is astonishing ...

Anzeiger TGO | 24. Jan. 19 | Artist portrait

«She has an enormous amount of impulses, says Syléna Vincent, "and I have to follow them.»

Stadtanzeiger Olten | 08. Nov. 18 | Artist portrait

«Time can give you an enormous quality, but you have to get it yourself»

Stadtanzeiger Olten | 07. Nov. 18 | Artist on Tour

Currently the musician is participating in the SBB pilot project «Artists on Tour»

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